History: Why it is so Important?

Since my childhood, I pretty much hated reading history books. Getting average grades on history classes wasn’t something new for me. I used to get bored reading them. So, I tried with my best to stay away from history related stuff as I tend to think, what’s good in reading about the past? In fact my most important logic was, what is gone, is gone for good and let’s not waste our time with that. We cannot go back in time to change anything, so why wasting so much time reading History and for what? Yes, one can easily argue that I tried to prove my points with my own logic. Perhaps that’s the natural instinct of any human.

Fact of the matter is, we all did silly stuff in our childhood and when we used to get questioned by our parents, we expressed our best logic that would have justified our actions or ideas. Perhaps, that’s the very basis of all most all human actions. We all have our own logical explanation behind our actions and that applies to adults and minors alike. However, I often found childish excuses are to be more adorable and fixable than adult’s one. So, no harm is being done.

As I grew older, I started realizing things or two like any adult individuals. I learned, reasoning the reasons from one individual’s point of view may not be the most appropriate way to learn. In fact, letting others to tell their version of the same story or reading them could actually help understand the thing. I often call this idea to be “3D Views” as it gives us the multi-dimensional view of any given topic. I think it paves the way for anyone to come to a reasonable conclusion.

Studying HistoryStudying History.

I wrote about the “actions” but the consequences that it follows has a lot to do with the present and future. Perhaps the most important reason why people study “History” is to understand the Present(consequences) and predict the near future. If we were to ask ourselves, why we are the way we are now? I am pretty sure, in your quest to find the answer of this question, you must go back in time. Read, research, analyze and then come to a conclusion to find your answer. This exactly where history proves to be so important.

My Story

On my college years, I had to pick one minor but I couldn’t simply make up my mind. I went through the lists of possible minors available at the school but unfortunately that made me even more confused. One night, when I was watching a documentary film on World War II, I felt like I didn’t know pretty much anything about one of the most important event of recent times. An event that re-shaped the human civilization and changed the demographics and geopolitics worldwide. I watched six or seven consecutive documentary films that night and went to bed with so many questions on my mind.

Following morning, I woke from my bed with headache and I felt like all the questions from last night are popping-up on my mind once again. I just couldn’t get over with the vivid graphics from those films. So many why, how, when type questions were scattered throughout my mind. I had to find the answers. On my quest to find those answers, I figured that I found something to study, something that would give me better understanding of human civilization and their actions from the past. Since “Computer Information System” was already my Major, I chose to pick “History” as my minor. The day after, I went to school and officially changed my minor to be “History”. And that was the beginning.

Over the last couple of years, I spent so much time watching documentary films, reading so many articles and books, browsing through thousands of webpages that it sometimes boggles my own mind when I think about it. I did all these not to prove anything about me, rather I had to do it for my classes. Often I would have jumped from one topic to another just to put all the dots together. It worked most of the time. However, I am happy that I actually did very well on those classes and put my mind into peace.

My first class on History was “HIS-1005 Modern American History”, it talks about Industrial revolution in the United States, America’s role at the World War II and post-World War II era. It explained how the U.S. become the global hegemon, the cold war, civil rights movement etc. We also studied Vietnam, Gulf War and the fight against Terrorism briefly. On following semesters, few more history classes followed which I think actually pushed me to dig deep on various historical topics. So, I finally decided to write on these historical issues gradually on this site with my own opinion and explanation very soon. I am really looking forward to that.

Final Thoughts

When you start seeing the bigger picture of any historical event, you would find them to be really fascinating. Why did it happen, what was the reason behind it, who were the key players, how exactly it influenced the future and finally what lesson we need to learn from that event? Questions like these would definitely help anyone to understand the present. Then again, there are times when it will overwhelm you with all the scattered thoughts and ideas. There might be time when it will drive your emotions (if you are really attached to that specific topic), so be aware of that as well. If things starts going crazy like that, simply take a break. All you need to do is calm yourself down a bit and the start reading again. Eventually, you will find the answers that you are looking. Don’t forget to reach out to your fellow classmates or your Professor if possible. It really helps.

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