Windows 10 Devices Event in New York City

Today Microsoft introduced number of new hardware at the Windows 10 Devices New York City event. Among all the new devices, I think it was the Surface Book which was the biggest surprise for me. Despite the fact that Microsoft show cased their new Windows 10 powered Surface Pro 4, it was very unexpected to see yet another device which is very similar to Surface tablet products. Definitely there are differences between Surface Pro and Surface Book. Specially in terms of hardware Surface Book seems to be a very promising one. Individuals who want more power on a fairly portable computer, Surface Book can really be a very good choice for them. They also promised a 12 hour battery life for Surface Book which I think is phenomenal. Microsoft Surface Book Lumia 950Microsoft Introduces new Surface Book & the Lumia 950. © Microsoft. Not a big fan of iWatch but Microsoft is also following the same footstep of Apple. Feel free to check out Microsoft Band if you are into wearable devices. Microsoft also displayed it's upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL flagship phones which somehow reminds me of Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. Not to mention Apple's newly introduced iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the successor of it's previous generation of iPhones. Following the pattern of other tech company's strategy is nothing new for Microsoft. Not that I am upset about it but I want to see Microsoft bringing innovation to its product line. It could be bringing an entirely new product line that no one offers to changing the simple track pad that no one ever used or saw, just like Apple did with their iPhone or iPad. However, I am still positive about Microsoft and I am confident that Microsoft would be able to introduce some ground breaking new technologies rather than simply bringing upgraded devices or mimicking others. Due credit must be given. Microsoft did some amazing stuff over the last couple of years. Perhaps introducing Windows 10 for all of its product line is one of those many thing that I expected from this tech giant. Surely Microsoft is heading into the right direction.


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