Windows Phone & My Expectations

Before I get started, please allow me to clear up my position once again. I had never been a Windows Phone fan. For a big part of my life, I used the Nokia phones for some valid reasons. I tried with Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericson and some other brands as well. Ever since Apple released it's first iPhone, I never looked back. Perhaps I thought, finally I found something I was looking for. Somehow my love for Apple iPhone didn't last forever. I explained my reasons behind my frustration and why I decided to leave Apple on one of my blog post. Most probably I will stick to my decision. Don't get me wrong, I want to see both the Apple and Microsoft thriving as the Smartphone market leader and that should in a reasonable manner at least in terms of their product's price tag. Since I got my hands on the Nokia Lumia 930, I am pretty much counting my days for Microsoft to release their Windows Mobile 10. Lumia 930 is a very polished and superbly designed phone. The specs are simply mind boggling and I am in love with this smartphone. For the very first time both the Nokia and Microsoft amazed me with their device and software. Not to mention, as far as the operating system is concern, I am expecting whole lot more from Microsoft's end. I don't think Windows Mobile 8.1 is anywhere close to the iOS but it is definitely a promising platform. I looked at some of the video demonstration of upcoming Windows Mobile 10 on YouTube and boy, it looks pretty good to me. However, the complain regarding the Microsoft's app store's is still there and I think it's about time when Microsoft should pay serious attention on this matter. Their app store seriously lacks many important app which are quite obvious to find on other Mobile OSs. Apps that most ordinary people would love to have (i.e. Mobile Banking) on their phones and some of them are pretty much required for day to day important activities. I had the opportunity to try out the Windows Mobile 10 which seems to be pretty polished over 8.1. The again there are glitches (Obviously! it wasn't the final release anyway) and places where Microsoft can work on to improve. One thing that I still don't like is the way they listed all the application in alphabetic order. It's a pretty boring way to show all of my installed applications. Not to mention their desktop (Start UI) is simply amazing. I loved the way you can pin applications and re-size the icon. Job well done Microsoft. Microsoft's latest browser is a very good one, yet I would love to see Google Chrome to become available from the App store. No matter whatever the reason is, Microsoft should understand that people love Google Chrome and they shouldn't be blocking other popular browsers to popup from the store. Back in July, Windowscentral reported that Firefox is coming soon for Windows Mobile 10 but ever since we didn't get to know "how" or "when". Banning other popular browser is not the best way to popularize Microsoft Edge. If Microsoft want's their browser to conquer the mobile world, it must compete with other mobile browsers. Let the people decide Microsoft.


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