Working Behind The Scene

It's been few days since I last wrote any post. Meanwhile I was working behind the scene to make some major architectural change of this site. I believe these changes will definitely improve the overall performance of the site. These changes were long over due and I had to make the move before something new pops up and takes my attention away.

What are the Changes anyway?

As I mentioned earlier, most of the changes are architectural which means regular visitors may or may not notice the improvements right away. However, this is what happened. This site uses WordPress as the content management system and the WordPress is keep asking it's users to upgrade the PHP & MySQL. When I launched this site back in 2014, PHP v5.5 and MySQL v5.5 was the latest version that I could have used. Fast forward five years and now in 2019, PHP v7.3 and MySQL v.5.7 seems to be the latest one that my hosting provider is offering. As far as the WordPress requirements is concern, they recommend WordPress users to upgrade these software for better performed and well secured WordPress based system. For legacy environment compatibility could be an issue as well which all the PHP & MySQL based site owners should keep in mind. So, I recently made up my mind to move forward with the all these new upgrades. Problem was, I couldn't simply upgrade the database without manually migrating all of my posts to a new database. This required lot of work for me. I also decided to get rid of some of the draft posts that WordPress automatically creates (logical reasons are there) and migrate only the published posts to the new Database. It also meant traditional Database backup plugin won't work for me and I had to do everything manually. I don't want to go in details but trust me this is a very time consuming work. Another Improvement was, using my own subdomain to host my images rather than the primary domain. It not only reduces the number of http requests to the domain name when loading a webpage but also helps with loading other important elements (JavaScripts, CSS etc.) crucial for a webpage to be rendered faster. This is more like using a third party CDN (Content Delivery Network) services without paying any extra dime. I also modified some of the functionalities of my theme which will help with the site's overall performance. Added structured data in JSON+LD format will help Google crawling important information regarding my posts. Now, most of my reviews will be shown with rating from Google search result and it already became visible by the time I am writing this post. Even though, all these may sound a lot for many I am not done yet. I am working on few other ideas to further improve my site's performance which I expect to finish soon and write more. Until then, take care everyone & Good Night.


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