World Cup Cricket 2015

Cricket fans from all around the World knows already, quite a few matches has already been played. So, basically it's kind of little late for me to write about it. Unfortunately over here in America, Cricket is not quite as popular as other international games are, like Baseball or even Soccer for that matter.

Interesting enough, USA is an associate member of International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1965 but that's all about it. As far as I know there is an American Cricket Association but I am pretty sure most American really don't know much about it. Perhaps, may be this is the time when should really take Cricket little more seriously and try to make it a bit more popular.

World Cup Cricket 2015
World Cup Cricket 2015.

In this tournament there are fourteen different nations who are competing to claim the crown of Cricket World. Officially the World Cup Cricket 2015 was inaugurated on February 14th and will continue until March 29th.

Now, I personally didn't had enough time to watch all the matches, especially when most of the live matches were taking place at a very odd US time. But I am going to admit that I tried to watch all the highlights just to keep myself up-to date. Nevertheless, I am really really looking forward to watch the semi-final and the final match live though.


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