Wrapping Up Data Migration

On my previous post I explained some of the data migration related work that I was performing on this site. Finally I am happy to announce that I am done with moving all of my contents to the new database and all the images moved to a subdomain. Now, I am moving forward with content creation and making some changes on the overall UI of this site. I recently made few changes on the theme and I will continue to work on it on upcoming days.

Perhaps the most frustrating part for me is that I am never happy with a single design. I don't like to use the same theme on my site forever. It could be both good and bad at the same time. It is partly good because I always find a way to improve my design and my code but it is also bad because it takes away lots of my precious time that I could have used for content creation. I just need to balance it out a bit. It is quite possible that you may find this site a bit sluggish at times. So, please bare with me for more days.

Work ContinuesThe Work Continues.

Now, back to Music. It's been quite sometime since I got my package from India and I finished listening all the Audio CDs that I received. It's review time and I will be writing on some of the albums soon enough. Another important thing is, over the past few months I also purchased few hardware that I am currently using and I really think I should review them as well. You will find posts on these items as time progresses. So, expect lots of post coming on your way. Until then, take care and I will see you guys soon with another post. Good Night.


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