Writing Bengali in Online

Back in the late 90's when I first started writing Bengali (বাংলা) on my computer (Intel 486) with Word processing software (Microsoft Word), I barely had any choice but to use "Bijoy". It was quite popular "Bangla" writing software back in those days. Later on it became widely used as "Ananda Computers" (publisher of Bijoy software) started selling "Bengali Keyboard" with "Bijoy" keyboard layout printed on it. I remember purchasing few of those keyboard just to get the latest version of their software.

Back then in Bangladesh, there were number computer technology related magazine were being published on weekly and monthly basis. Computer Barta, Computer Bichitra, Computer Jagat etc. were some of the top ICT related magazines. Even though most of these magazines are not in business anymore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them (people behind these magazines) for inspiring many young individuals (like myself) across the country.

In the early 2000, when web technologies were gaining momentum and Unicode became the industry standard, Bengali language had to move along. Then came the era of building and developing web technologies to widespread the usage of Bengali language in online. Even at that point there were barely any fully functional website (I can't think of one) that used Bengali as it's primary language. In most cases, people had to install Bengali fonts on their computer to read Bengali text on web pages.

In 2006, I started blogging in my native Bengali language at SomewhereInBlog and I made up my mind to have my own blog site one day. It took me little while but eventually had one. Both the Unicode and usage of Bengali language in online is quite mature right now. Even though I am mostly blogging in English now a days, I think it's about time to have my own Bangla blog site as well. Yes, WordPress can be used to blog in Bengali language but I decided to build my own CMS with the little knowledge that I have.

Few talented young individuals behind Ekushey project has made few typing scripts available for the Bengali language enthusiasts around the world. Since I am quite familiar with the "Bijoy" keyboard, I am planning to use the "Unijoy layout" for my website. I already tested them on my local server and it worked out great. Best part is, it is unicode based and I wouldn't need any other third party software to write Bengali on my website. People with any modern browser should be able to read them as well without any hiccups.

So, Happy Bangla Computing.


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