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Sometimes I really do think too much. Quite often I would over stress myself just to make a simple decision. Decisions that most people would make within a blink of an eye, I would take forever. I mean seriously, it doesn’t happen to me when I am making serious decisions. Kind of weird, isn’t it?

Ok, so few days back I was lying on my bed and trying to get some sleep; I couldn’t. So I was trying remember some of the names of the movies that I have watched so far and counting the number. That’s exactly when I thought of writing movie reviews on this site. Next day I wrote down a list of movies that I have watched; it’s more than 250 and I am still counting.

Since the very beginning of this website, I was thinking of writing Blog and Tutorials on various topics on this site. However, as the time went by so many ideas were popping-up on my mind that at some point I had to re-design the site and add a different post type. Fact of the matter is, I replaced the “Tutorials” post type to “Articles” on this site as it was more of a general form than having “Tutorials” only. Articles would give me more options and scope to play around with. As of today, I have around 20 different categories on my Article section and I am planning to write on all those topics within the possible shortest time possible.

Quite a few thing has been added, changed or modified at the core template design of this site since then. Perhaps one of the biggest change was to place the YouTube videos (includes tutorials, trailers stuff like that) section ad the very top (underneath the menu section) so that users can enjoy ever wider view of the video; 1000 pixels to be exact. I think it’s big enough for most of the screen and comfortable enough for users not to go to YouTube itself to watch it.

I also added few meta boxes for articles section. It includes meta box for Movies, Books etc. I did it with an intention to provide additional information about the product or item that is being reviewed within a block that would show up right before the second of third paragraph of the article. More like a magazine format. It would be hard to explain, perhaps you should visit one of the existing movie review. I am no professional film critic, so I basically wrote whatever I felt like. I am also planning to write reviews of old movies as well. In a nutshell, I will write review of every single movie that I have ever watched. Let me know your thoughts on this, any creative suggestions would be highly appreciated. I would mention your name on my blog post if I decide to implement your idea on my site as well.

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