Yet Another Attempt to Live Life & Laugh

Over the last couple of weeks, I am constantly reading through the news updates on the flood situation in South Asia. There are no good news & its getting from bad to worse. Recent flood had affected countries like India, Nepal & Bangladesh. Reportedly over 16 million people had already been affected by the seasonal flood and its going to get even worse. Flood Victims in BangladeshKids on their house roof-top. Image copyright © Guradian International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) expressed their concern stating that, “This is fast becoming one of the most serious humanitarian crises...". Crises indeed. People are living under the open sky, inadequate humanitarian aid, food shortage, loss of lives & livestock etc. combine them all together and you will get to see the bigger picture. It's chaotic and frustrating. You can find additional flood photography on Bangladesh from Guardian. Pretty much the same thing is going on over here in the US. Texas & Louisiana had been hit by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that came along with it. At least 50 deaths has been confirmed and it is expected that the number will more likely to rise. Death and destruction is just one side of the whole picture. Pundits are already busy trowing around estimated numbers to figure out the financial losses. Flood Victim in LouisianaLouisiana man carrying his Dog. © NBCNews. Make no mistakes, it's not over yet. We are yet to get over with this flood situation and it will take several months if not years to recover from this mess.


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