Yet another Update on site Design

So, over the last couple of days I was thinking of changing my site's design a bit. Saturday I had plenty of time to play around with the existing theme for possible design changes and this morning I actually finished nearly eighty percent of the total work that needs to be done. By midnight, I am expecting the site to be fully functional just like before.

If you are visiting my site quite often, you may notice some of the changes that I have already made on my current design. Initially, I had a CSS3 based pattern as my site's background which I have replaced with a solid color. The actual wrapper "div" had a black background with 75% transparency which has been dropped as well on my new theme. Some major changes going to be there, specially on the "header" and "footer" section of the site.

In terms of navigation, the "main menu" had a transparent background as well, which has already been changed with multiple color to bring more attention to it. This is most probably the major changes that you might notice if you are visiting on my site frequently. The size of the logo will go down to maintain the height of the "main menu". The "sidebar" will become total white instead of the gray color to assimilate with the background of the actual content.

Previously, the RSS subscription form and the "tag cloud" was at the sidebar which has been moved to the "footer" to make sidebar little more cleaner. This created little more space for "latest posts" section. I changed the function to display 10 latest posts from the site which I believe would definitely help users to find more of the latest content from sidebar.

The "tag cloud" at the footer became more dynamic. Let's say you are browsing blog archive or reading a blog post, you should see blog posts related tags instead of tutorial tags. Same way, if you are reading a tutorial or browsing tutorial archive pages, you should see only tutorial tags. This has been done to let you find some of the relevant content while you are browsing any given section of the site.

Currently, I am working on some other minor issues that needs to be fixed. So, stay tuned for more updates and new tutorials. Don't forget to subscribe my RSS feed. This is the most easiest way to get the latest updates from my site. Have a nice weekend.


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