YouTube to Introduce Unskippable Bumper Ads

Through a blog post published today, Google Adwords has just confirmed that "Bumper Ads" are coming on YouTube. These so called "Bumper Ads" are actually 6 seconds unskippable ads. In other words, you won't be able to skip them from your mobile devices.

Google claims that their Bumper Ads drives "more incremental reach and frequency, particularly on smartphones". Only couple of days earlier Mashable published a post which summarizes that the third party research report which was commissioned by YouTube.

According to the report, YouTube reaches more people of certain age group (18-49 years) on mobile devices than any other Cable or TV Broadcasters. More than 90% users of this age group uses smartphone, tablet or even computers while watching TV.

With the growing popularity of the mobile devices, YouTube is also taking their mobile advertising very seriously. Perhaps Bumper Ads is the outcome of one such initiative. Starting from today Bumper Ads would become available which would be sold through Google AdWords auction on a CPM basis.

Here is a sample of Bumper Ad which you might stumble upon pretty soon on your mobile devices.


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