House Of Petz

House of Petz is a website that offers a wealth of knowledge and resources about raising pets. Th

Good News For Pets

Lea-Ann Germinder, along with her teams, has published numerous posts on this site since 2000. Th

People Loving Animals

Debra is a person who has had a lifelong love for pets. Throughout her life, she has owned severa

Shed Happens

Britt is a resident of Ontario, Canada, who lives with her husband John, their three rescue dogs


Barbara, the host of the blog, is commonly known as the "crazy dog lady" who became aware of raw

Home On 129 Acres

Julia and her husband, Matt, reside in Ontario, Canada on their 129-acre farm with their daughter

A Dog Walks into a Bar

A family consisting of two humans named Bryn and Bill, along with their two dogs named Bean and Y

That Mutt

The website is dedicated to providing valuable information on dog and puppy training, dog exercis


Paris, together with her husband John, is the co-founder of this site. They are both long-time tr

Kobi Pets

The website is dedicated to providing valuable information on pet products, supplies, training ti

The Pet Blog Lady

Lisa is a professional Pet Blogger who welcomes her readers to her platform. She expresses her ho

Oh My Dog

The individual introducing themselves as Maggie extends a welcome to readers of Oh My Dog! (OMD).

Kritter Kommunity

Lisa Illman is the founder and president of Kritter Kommunity. Her passion for pets, particularly


Eileen, who resides in the mid-Southern United States, is a music graduate with bachelor's and ma