Hello I'm 50ish

Robin LaMonte is the creator and author of the blog "Hello I'm 50ish." Despite the name, she is n

Better After 50

The website is designed to be personal and conversational, fostering a community where women can

Renee Swope

She is a person-loving, adventurous mother who values her faith, family, and outdoor activities.

Under Seven Stars

She random musings from life as a Mennonite girl, nurse, and farm girl living in a little village


Serena is the owner of this website for women of all ages. She is covering topics to help others

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust is one of the world’s leading publishers in solo travel content. Since 2012

Young Adventuress

Hi, I'm Liz, and I got my first taste for traveling when I was 16 years old. On my own, 12 years

Be My Travel Muse

I'm Kristin, and my vision of a better world is one where more women are empowered and living out

Obnoxiously Happy

Her plan is to spread positive words, energy, and attitude through her blog.

Schrodie's Mummy

Schrodie's Mummy is a blog about Surviving the most horrendous Multiple Compounded Traumas in 202

Miss Perfect Mess

Miss Perfect Mess is working through life struggles, laughs, cries, rants...helping each other by

Lovely Brunette

Tasha is a barefoot visual storyteller, serial mojito sipper, brand enthusiast, and content mark

We women

This is the site for women, health, beauty, and beyond. Being a mother the owner is also involved

Menopausal Brunette

Melissa is a 55-year-old creator of Menopausal Brunette. Having two young adult children who are