Alyss, Jacqulyn, and Kendra have formed a group of women sharing life stories and experiences in

Tiaras and Lipstick

This blog helps to amplify the collaborative voices of women through empowerment, education, and


emotive represents a state of living expressively. Founded by multi-disciplinary, Sarah Nazim who

Woman Wine Weed

An abundant resource for woman, wine and weed for the conscious woman.

Tech Savvy Women

Tech Savvy Women writes articles weekly for organizations looking to recruit, retain and advance

Ma'am Cave

JustWomenWorld is a place where you will get solutions to all your problems. Here you will find a

Morgan Angelique Owens

Morgan Angelique Owens The Morgan A. Owens brand mission is to educate, empower and elevate minor

The Lady's Room

The Lady’s RoomThe Lady's Room is a safe space to talk and learn about all things women! Our go

Womanly Live

Womanly LiveWomanly Live is the ultimate online resource for the creative, career-driven woman, a

Her Report

Her ReportWriting women worldwide. Cultivating critical conversation at the forefront of the news

Female Insight

Female Insight is a comprehensive guide for women. The site is on the way towards educating, insp

The Empowered Woman

Entrepreneur and Investor with 20 years of experience in setting up and incubating start-ups the

Dallas Lombardi

Dallas Lombardi is a Hamilton, Ontario-based hospitality expert, business consultant, lifestyle c