Stephanie introduces herself as a baker, blogger, and mother who adores cookies and carbohydrates but detests washing dishes. She is the founder, author, and primary taste-tester of a small internet space where she has been sharing her baking experiences, preparing delectable treats, and creating tasty, family-friendly meals for over ten years. Stephanie extends a warm welcome to her readers and expresses her joy that they are visiting her blog.

In 2009, Stephanie established this site as a way to combine her two passions: writing and baking. At the time, she had just gotten married, completed college, and was working as a barista while seeking employment as a newspaper reporter. She is influenced heavily by coffee, sugar, flour, and a relentless pursuit of real food. Stephanie manages everything from her home in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she resides with her spouse, Elliott, and their two daughters, Avery and Addy. They inspire, encourage, and test her creations. Stephanie works as a freelance recipe developer during the day and blogs during the night and on weekends.