Family Focus Blog

Scarlet Paolicchi is the founder of Family Focus Blog, a popular and award-winning family blog that has been in operation for over a decade. The blog provides readers with various resources aimed at enhancing family life, including parenting tips, meal recipes, and more. In addition to her work as a blogger, Scarlet is also an accomplished author and has published several books, including "Sharing Stories Making Memories," which is a journal designed to foster strong bonds between grandparents and grandchildren.

Scarlet's passion for blogging and helping families has only grown over the years. For her, blogging has become a creative outlet and a personal project, allowing her to build something of her own. She hopes that Family Focus Blog will serve as a valuable resource for parents, offering inspiration, entertainment, and support.

Through her blog and her YouTube channel since 2010, she wants to help people understand that they are not alone in their parenting journey and that there is always someone who has experienced the same challenges.