Alison is a PR professional who transforms into an enthusiastic home cook and baker outside of her busy work life. While she spends her days reaching out to journalists and creating content for her company, her true passion lies in the kitchen, where she's often accompanied by her faithful sidekick, Verucca (affectionately known as Rookie), her dog.

Cooking has been ingrained in Alison's life since childhood, starting from playful moments of making mud pies with friends to the more savory and impressive experiences of rolling meatballs with her mom. From binge-watching the Food Network to exploring cooking books, magazines, blogs, and social media platforms, she immerses herself in a world of culinary inspiration.

With a plethora of resources at her disposal, Alison is always eager to try new dishes and recreates her discoveries in her own kitchen. On her blog, readers will find the fruits of her culinary adventures as she shares recipes and creations inspired by her vast exploration of cooking and baking. Join Alison on her flavorful journey as she continuously seeks out fresh ideas and embraces the joy of cooking.