Aimee has been a professional food blogger for over a decade, having created numerous classic recipes ranging from savory to sweet, which she regularly shares with her millions of readers each month. Although her blog boasts some incredible cheesecakes, cakes, and brownies, Aimee has a particular weakness for the classic Krispie treat, as evidenced by the 15 varieties of treats she has posted on her blog.

Aimee firmly believes in moderation and balance in all aspects of life, including food. She advocates for enjoying dessert, but only if it is truly worth it. She is a coffee enthusiast and enjoys collecting mugs, although she does not own any matching sets and instead prefers a hodgepodge of unique mugs that catch her eye. Her recipes vary from classic and approachable to more complex and over-the-top. Her goal is to recreate the nostalgic comfort foods of her childhood, including those made from boxed mixes and Cool Whip, as well as from-scratch cakes and brownies.

In addition, she strives to cater to a wide audience but primarily focuses on satisfying the culinary needs of her own family. Even novice cooks need not be intimidated, as Aimee's recipes are designed to be easy to follow.