The individual introducing themselves as Maggie extends a welcome to readers of Oh My Dog! (OMD). This website is dedicated to sharing positive content about dogs and cats on a recurring basis. OMD covers a broad range of pet-related topics, including stories about Maggie's personal pets, reviews, DIY projects, and training tips.

In addition, Maggie describes her animals as being the funniest and sweetest creatures she has ever known, and they provide daily inspiration to her. She aims to share her knowledge with the passionate online community of dog lovers and hopes to learn from them in turn. Maggie identifies as a mother, writer, pet lifestyle professional, pit bull advocate, environmentally friendly, and cancer survivor. Her essays have appeared in The Bust DIY Guide to Life, Second-Chance Cats, and The Cat in the Christmas Tree.

Maggie currently resides in Indiana with her spouse, John, as well as their pit mix, Cooper, black cat, Newt, tortie kitten, Ripley, toddler, Violet, and baby, Astrid.