Pam and Sara, a mother-daughter duo residing in two charming towns near Atlanta, are the creative forces behind the popular blog Biscuits & Burlap. Since its establishment in 2014, they have been captivating a global audience with their deep-rooted appreciation for Southern cuisine.

The inception of their blog was born out of a heartfelt desire to preserve their treasured family recipes for future generations. Recognizing that traditional means of recording recipes were no longer practical in the digital age, Pam and Sara sought a more timeless approach. While initially hesitant about embracing an online platform, Pam soon realized the unique value their family had to offer. As a millennial, Sara observed a disconnection among her peers, who lacked the foundational knowledge of cooking. Through Biscuits & Burlap, Pam and Sara set out to revive the joy of cooking and foster a sense of community in the kitchen.

Inspired by their family's rich heritage, Pam reflected on a time when food served as a unifying force, nourishing not only the body but also the soul. Growing up in the aftermath of the Great Depression, Pam's parents instilled in her a deep appreciation for cooking with what was available, embracing seasonal ingredients and the joy of shared meals. Embracing these values, Pam curated a collection of cherished church and family cookbooks, ensuring that these beloved traditions would endure.

Through their blog, Pam and Sara extend their shared experiences and passion for food to a wider audience. They utilize this platform to share their culinary discoveries and ideas, prioritizing simplicity and accessibility. Ultimately, Pam and Sara aspire to inspire others to share their love for food, as it serves as a powerful bridge that unites people from all walks of life.