Julie is the blogger behind the popular website Table for Two. Table for Two offers a diverse range of wholesome recipes, travel guides, lifestyle tips, wellness advice, and career resources. Julie's mission is to simplify the relationship between food and busy lifestyles and to inspire her readers with real recipes that are easy, innovative, and approachable for families. She believes that everyone can find time to make a homemade meal and she is dedicated to helping her readers achieve this goal.

In addition, she has a passion for food that dates back to her childhood when she would watch cooking shows instead of cartoons. Her mother was her inspiration, and Julie would often help her in the kitchen. Julie believes that food is a common denominator that brings people together and creates long-lasting memories. She started Table for Two in 2011 as a creative outlet from her full-time job in web development and design. Her background in these fields allowed her to carve out a little space on the internet where she could flourish.

Furthermore, Julie's cooking philosophy is simple, healthy, quick, and delicious. Her recipes reflect this philosophy, and many of her dishes are easy to prepare, even on busy weeknights. Julie enjoys working with companies and their brands to meet their sales and marketing goals and to help spread the word about their products.