Su is a mother who is passionate about documenting her life and experiences as a parent. In 2014, she moved from London, UK, to a new place where she felt the difficulties of being alone and adjusting to the challenges of being a mother to two young children Ethan and Evelyn. To cope with these challenges, Su turned to a blog as a way to express herself and connect with others who were going through similar experiences. She started blogging in July 2015 and has been using the platform to share her emotions, memories, and creative projects with her children.

Su's blogging journey has brought many positive changes in her life. Her blog was recognized as the 37th top travel blog in the Coupon Machine Travel Blog Top 100 in 2016 and was nominated for several awards including the MadBlogAwards and The Activity People Blogger Awards. Su's background in Architectural Design, combined with her skills in photography, writing, and crafting, has allowed her to pursue her passion as a freelance writer, photographer, co-creator of the ExplorerKids IG community, host of FabFridayPost and ExplorerKids Linkys, and a kids yoga teacher. She is always eager to learn and grow and finds fulfillment in her role as a mother and blogger.