The Vanilla Bean Blog

Sarah is a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she lives surrounded by lakes and trees and endures a perpetual winter. She is a self-taught baker who has gained experience working at various coffeehouse bakeries in both Minneapolis and Winona, MN. Following the birth of her two children, Sarah made the decision to become a "home" baker, a period of her life that she has found particularly enjoyable. Having experimented and repeated efforts for years, Sarah feels confident in the kitchen and has authored three cookbooks. She is also the creator of the popular Pan-banging Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Her blog features baking recipes, photographs and kitchen moments with friends and family, occasional musings and reflections, and some poetry and prose. Baking, particularly pan-banging chocolate chip cookies, brings Sarah comfort, and she believes there is much more to the practice than just sugar, butter, flour, and eggs.

Initially, Sarah started her blog as an attempt to document a food history for her family, as they had none, but the process of creating it led her to discover deeper layers of meaning in her time in the kitchen. Sarah believes there is significant value in the dishes and meals we make for loved ones and in the act of preparing them. Cooking and baking and eating together connects us beyond the physical, and it's not just about eating or creating for the sake of doing so. Sarah contends that there is something deeper, something soulful that happens when we slice the cake or break bread.