Monique is the founder of this blog, which focuses on healthy living and food. Her interest in cooking and baking began at an early age when she assisted her mother in the kitchen and learned from her father. She aims to provide a balanced mixture of globally inspired recipes with a healthy twist, baking recipes that come straight from her heart, and a dose of real talk.

Monique's goal with her blog is to inspire her readers both in and out of the kitchen. She launched this blog in 2011 and has come to understand the power that food can have when we hold a positive place for it in our lives. During her college years, she developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise in order to avoid confronting some deep-rooted issues from her past. However, acknowledging these issues allowed her to heal and refocus on finding a balance with both food and exercise, which she knows can be a daily struggle for many people. Monique is certain that her journey will continue to evolve, but she believes it is important to share her story to inspire others.

In addition, Creating and sharing recipes over the years has taught Montque how to eat well, find what works for her body and mind, and create balance, while also learning more about herself with each recipe. Her hope is that her posts will inspire her readers to find balance in their own lives.