Lost Recipes Found

Monica is a writer, photographer, home cook, and mother, who has a passion for exploring delicious tastes and discovering quirky stories. She also dabbles in design and printmaking. Monica started Lost Recipes Found as a column for the Chicago Tribune before it became a blog. She has been writing for various publications for over 20 years, which has provided her with the privilege of learning about food from chefs and restaurateurs who have made careers in this challenging field. Each dish that Monica encountered had a lovely narrative intertwined with history, family, and culture, which contributed to their love for the food.

On her website, Monica shares her experiences with food by showcasing stories, recipes, visuals, and connections to the food memories that matter to her readers. Some of the recipes she shares are her own, while others are adapted from vintage cookbooks or chef creations based on vintage recipes. She meticulously tests, prepares, and photographs each dish using natural light before publishing them on the site. Additionally, she conducts research to provide an informative and engaging copy to accompany the recipes. Monica has an extensive collection of recipes, photos, and stories that she is excited to share, and she will be posting them on the site every week.