Sport in American History

The person behind the creation of this blog is none other than Andrew McGregor. Back in May of 2014, he launched the blog named "Sport in American History." The primary aim of this group blog is to shed light on American Sport History and Studies. A community of sports scholars is actively engaged in developing this platform. Their focus is to critically examine contemporary and historical issues in sports, and they are committed to building a community of like-minded individuals interested in this field.

The contributors of this blog come from diverse backgrounds. Ranging from well-established professors to aspiring graduate students to renowned journalists, they offer a broad range of perspectives. Each of these contributors takes turns in posting articles that respond to current events, engage in debates on important works and trends in the field, discuss teaching with sport, and share their latest research. This diversity ensures that the blog remains dynamic and fresh, open to new ideas and viewpoints.

The primary objective of the contributors is to critically examine issues in the sports industry. They achieve this by thoroughly researching and analyzing the latest trends in the field, along with the historical context behind them. Their in-depth analyses encourage readers to think critically about the sport and its societal impact. By providing a platform for scholarly discussions, the blog has created a community of individuals passionate about sports history and studies.