Kaitlin, the creator of this blog has been sharing her passion for plant-based food for over a decade. Her goal is to inspire readers with easy and flavorful vegan recipes that cater to both herbivores and carnivores. Kaitlin's love for colorful dishes adds vibrancy to her creations. Apart from her culinary pursuits, she finds joy in reading, puzzles, music, nature, and living consciously and compassionately.

Being raised in a small town in southern Michigan, Kaitlin's vegetable love-affair began in her parents' garden. This site name is a nod to her childhood memories of enjoying freshly picked produce. She focuses on developing simple and healthy recipes that are easy to follow and make efficient use of time.

Kaitlin's decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle stem from her love for animals and her desire to avoid contributing to their harm. Additionally, her health journey led her to discover the benefits of plant-based nutrition. Eliminating all animal products from her diet resulted in significant improvements, such as the disappearance of migraines, relief from menstrual cramps, resolution of stomach issues, and clearer skin. She pursued further knowledge in plant-based nutrition. Kaitlin's commitment to a vegan lifestyle extends to her belief in the power of whole foods and their ability to enhance overall well-being.

After years as a vegetarian, Kaitlin's awareness of the negative aspects of the dairy and egg industries prompted her transition to a vegan diet. By listening to her body's needs, she feels empowered and deeply connected to the food she consumes. The remarkable benefits she experiences, combined with her ethical stance, solidify her belief that a plant-based lifestyle is not only healthy but also aligns with her values.