The blog owned by Jessica Ann which aims to inspire meaningful conversation, boost confidence, and celebrate women by covering topics related to lifestyle, travel, and wellness. Its featured articles range from style, home, beauty, wellness, and travel to essays. Jessica Ann Kirby, the author of the blog, was born and raised in Newport, RI, a coastal town in New England. Having grown up surrounded by the ocean and the outdoors, Jessica developed a profound fondness for both.

in addition, Jessica’s blog intends to motivate women by encouraging meaningful conversations, promoting self-assurance, and honoring their achievements. It achieves this objective by publishing articles on various topics, such as lifestyle, travel, and wellness. In addition, it features essays, as well as articles on style, home, beauty, and wellness.

Furthermore, Jessica spent her childhood in Newport, RI, a coastal town in New England. Her upbringing amid the ocean and the outdoors instilled a deep admiration for them, which she carried with her throughout her life.