Healthy Nibbles & Bits

Lisa is an individual who has a passion for cooking and discussing food. Since childhood, she has assisted her mother in preparing dishes, including making misshaped dumplings and beating egg whites for her famous angel food cake, which sparked her love for cooking. Lisa's goal is to master her mother's recipes and share them on her blog.

In February 2014, Lisa began her food blog as a way to distract herself from her job search in the Bay Area. Through cooking, taking photos, and writing about her food, she discovered her passion for food blogging and realized that she no longer wanted to pursue a career in law. Alongside her love for cooking, Lisa enjoys puzzles, specifically crosswords. She is the youngest of four siblings and participates in activities such as yoga, kickboxing, and sweating.

In addition, on her blog, Lisa showcases how to make Asian-inspired recipes every week, with occasional appearances from her mother, Mama Lin, who demonstrates some of her favorite Chinese dishes.