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Lucy is a food blogger, wife, and mother who loves all things related to food. Her blog features a collection of Thermomix and conventional recipes that are both delicious and easy to make, perfect for the whole family. Classic baking favorites, lunch box snacks, quick and easy family dinners, and more can all be found on her blog. In 2013, she began her blog as a way to share her cooking adventures while juggling a full-time teaching job and undergoing numerous rounds of IVF. However, in 2014, she decided to leave teaching behind and focus on her passion for food.

Despite being a self-proclaimed neat freak and stress-head, Lucy persisted in creating recipes that everyone could enjoy, with or without the use of her beloved Thermomix. Encouragement from others who shared her recipes with their families and the copious amounts of chocolate she consumed kept her going. After that Lucy had a new inspiration for baking and finding creative ways to incorporate chocolate into her recipes. Today, Lucy continues to share her love of food with her readers and enjoys spending her days baking with her little taste tester by her side.