Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

The blog owner is a mother who has been preparing gluten-free foods for her children since 2006. She has made modifications to delicious recipes to make them suitable not only for her children but also for her friends who are gluten intolerant. Her goal is to help others who need to prepare gluten-free foods and want to enjoy the foods they are preparing.

As a mother, she understands the difficulties and expenses of buying foods that kids will like, especially when it comes to gluten-free items. By modifying delicious recipes, everyone can enjoy the meals while keeping them gluten-free. In 2018/2019, she lost 30 pounds on a structured keto diet, which motivated her to modify recipes to be more keto-friendly with a lower glycemic index and low carb. She has combined low-carb and gluten-free modifications on her channel to meet her family's nutritional needs and hopes to inspire others.

However, the blog owner advises viewers to seek expert advice on any type of diet. Sugar substitutes may contain a certain amount of carbs, and substituting sugar for a substitute may not always lower the carb content. Thus, it is essential to seek expert advice before making any dietary changes.