Paleo On A Budget

Liz is the blogger, cook, photographer, and troubleshooter for the website. She is passionate about cooking and has acquired her skills from her father, who is an excellent cook. Liz loves coffee and has a big crush on Target. Moreover, she is a strong advocate of saving money, which she considers the coolest thing around.

In addition, Liz believes that good cooking starts with the basics like prep work and dishes. She has learned that the key to saving money is to be mindful of expenses and to make informed purchasing decisions. Liz combines her love of cooking with her passion for saving money to create delicious and affordable meals that everyone can enjoy. She is committed to providing her readers with useful tips and tricks for cooking on a budget, including meal planning, pantry stocking, and recipe modification. Through her website, Liz hopes to inspire others to embrace cooking and saving money as a fun and rewarding lifestyle.