Tracy is the founder, writer, and advocate behind the acclaimed blog Raised Good, which serves as a guide to natural parenting in today's world. Based in Vancouver, Tracy is also a mother and fellow advocate. Raised Good is a parenting platform driven by the heart that aims to educate and empower parents. Tracy seeks to awaken natural parenting instincts, so parents can develop their approach. According to Tracy, natural parenting is what mother nature intended, and it goes by several names, including gentle parenting, conscious parenting, and attachment parenting.

This blog is Tracy's account of her beliefs, the genesis of her blog, and a glimpse into the advice she would offer if discussing over a cup of coffee. The blog offers a community of natural parents who will provide support, encouragement, and non-judgmental guidance. According to Tracy, motherhood cannot be measured in metrics; instead, we must tune into our maternal intuition, even if it may initially seem faint. Tracy hopes that readers, whether new or experienced mothers, will learn that the best answers to their questions come from within.

Furthermore, Tracy acknowledges that she is far from perfect, but she promises to hold space for conversation, community, and support. Tracy also shares evidence-based research that helps readers make sense of what they already know deep down to be true.