Clean Cooking with Caitlin

Caitlin is a passionate healthy lifestyle and cooking enthusiast, and a mom of four. She is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and her journey towards better health and well-being began in 2016 when she chose to live a healthier lifestyle and lost over 50 lbs., which she has successfully maintained to this day. Caitlin is dedicated to inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle and has a keen interest in nutrition and well-being. Her passion for nutrition led her to become a nutrition coach and share her healthy recipes with others. She offers a wide range of nutrition and whole food plant-preferred recipes that cater to various health goals and are loved by her family, especially her four kids.

Caitlin firmly believes in crowding out junk food in one's diet and including plenty of whole-food plant-based ingredients. Her website provides nutrition tips for families, quick whole food recipes, and gourmet whole food recipes. Whether one is seeking easy-to-follow recipes or looking for gourmet recipes, Caitlin's website has something for everyone. She is dedicated to helping families lead a healthy and vibrant life through her expertise in nutrition coaching and sharing her healthy recipes.