Amber is a photographer who met her husband, Matthew, several years ago on a Caribbean island. Together, they are accidental family influencers who started by posting pictures of their baby on Instagram, which later turned into a blog. They plan to turn Faust Island into an eco-friendly green parenting blog in 2020, which aligns with their parenting philosophy of raising happy, healthy, and good people.

The blog's name, Faust Island, is a combination of their last name and the fact that they met on a Caribbean Island and now live on a South Carolina island. They aspire to make their blog a daily journal and an educational platform. Amber blogs monthly about their family life under the "Lately" tab, while tips for sustainable living, food, health, and wellness can be found under the "Lifestyle" tab. The "Family" tab covers parenting topics, crafts, kid's book reviews, and fun family activities. While she acknowledges not being an expert, Amber enjoys learning and sharing her experiences through her writing.