The website is dedicated to providing valuable information on pet products, supplies, training tips, and pet healthcare. It is owned and managed by Larry Gilliam and Tracy Moser.

Larry is a dog trainer and proud owner of two dogs, Ginger and Toby. He has been fascinated by dogs since he was three years old and has learned a great deal about them over the years. Though he used to be exclusively a "dog person," Tracy introduced him to the joys of cats, which he now enjoys writing about. Larry is passionate about testing out new products that make spending time with his pets more enjoyable and pleasurable.

On the other hand, Tracy has had a lifelong love for animals that began with her father's aquarium when she was a young girl. She has always been passionate about caring for animals and viewing them as individuals with distinct personalities. Tracy is now a skilled dog trainer, a profession she discovered with Larry's help. Every pet brings a unique kind of joy into one's life, and Tracy and Larry aim to share that joy with their readers.

In conclusion, Larry Gilliam and Tracy Moser's passion for pets has led them to create a website dedicated to providing valuable information on pet care. Through their shared experiences and expertise, they strive to help readers enhance their relationships with their furry companions and discover the unique joy that pets bring into our lives.