Lexi's Clean Kitchen

The blog's owner, Lexi, has always demonstrated a deep passion and enthusiasm for food. The author of this passage recollects their childhood memories of secretly indulging in junk food and candy while admiring Lexi's love for cooking. Despite Lexi's passion for food, the speaker did not always make healthy food choices during their childhood, often opting for unhealthy after-school snacks.

As the speaker matured, they began to think more critically about society's portrayal of food in the media and the impact of food on our health and society as a whole. While still consuming unhealthy foods and experiencing negative physical effects, the speaker decided to cut out meat from their diet for over a year, but this led them to consume more junk food to satisfy their hunger. After completing their studies, the speaker started to prioritize their diet and exercise routine, taking note of how their body felt both physically and mentally. However, despite exercising more regularly, the speaker's gastrointestinal issues persisted, negatively affecting their daily life and causing discomfort.