Fit Bottomed Girls

Jennipher and Kristen are the women behind this site which have helped women and men to adopt a healthier, more body-positive lifestyle. The site began in 2008. Their message remains the same today: you simply can’t hate yourself healthy.

Jenn, a certified personal trainer and health coach, and Kristen, certified in triathlon, swimming, and TRX coaching, are both regular women who understand the importance of staying fit and healthy without sacrificing self-love.

Today, while Jenn continues to publish content, share workouts in real-time, and develop fitness programs, Kristen splits her time between working on her first novel and running her freelance writing and editing business, KGS Creative. The two women remain dedicated to their mission of empowering women and men to lead healthy, active lifestyles and believe that self-love is a crucial component of any fitness routine.

In conclusion, the Fit Bottomed World is a body-positive movement that reminds us that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes.