Patty is a woman who has experienced the ups and downs of marriage firsthand, shares her inspiring journey and valuable insights in her blog. Having been married twice, Patty learned important lessons about the true essence of marriage. Her initial frustrations and struggles with unmet needs led her to contemplate divorce, but a tragic turn of events altered her perspective. With the sudden loss of her husband, Patty realized that marriage isn't solely about fulfilling individual needs or effective communication; it is about love and being loved in return.

Although Patty doesn't possess formal credentials as a marriage counselor or therapist, her extensive professional background and personal growth equip her with a wealth of knowledge. As a Certified Performance Technologist and experienced consultant, she has honed her skills in helping individuals identify their passions and dreams. Furthermore, her educational background in planning and policy analysis, along with her collaboration with renowned psychologists, has provided her with deep insights into human behavior, relationships, and learning processes.

Through her blog Patty is on a mission to bring happiness, alleviate financial stress, reduce psychological problems, and cultivate more love within marriages and life partnerships. Her profound understanding of the importance of love and her commitment to sharing her experiences and wisdom make her a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and support in their own relationships. Patty's genuine passion and dedication shine through as she aims to create happier and more fulfilling relationships for couples and their children.