Barry is a dedicated father to two wonderful children and a highly accomplished culinary expert. He has shared his passion for cooking and baking with the world through his blog for the last 15 years. Over this time, he has posted more than 1800 recipes on his blog, constantly updating it with new and exciting dishes that emerge from his kitchen in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Barry's commitment to "real food for real people" is evident in his work on Rock Recipes. He has spent years developing and adapting recipes that are accessible to all, with simple recipes using everyday ingredients being a hallmark of his success. With a focus on traditional favorites and local twists, Barry's recipes are always accompanied by his own photographs of the dishes he prepares, making his blog an enjoyable and visually appealing experience for food enthusiasts. Through his lifetime love of cooking and baking, Barry has created a treasure trove of delicious recipes that are sure to delight anyone who appreciates good food.