Sarah is a lifestyle blogger based in northeast Wisconsin. She is passionate about creating comfortable and special spaces and experiences, drawing inspiration from her background as a journalist and event planner. As a mother and wife, her heart is happiest when she is at home.

After obtaining a journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin and working as an event planner, Sarah left her traditional job to focus on her blog and mothering. She aspires to provide her children, Evelyn and Levi, with a beautiful childhood and the flexibility to spend time with them. Her blog serves as a platform to share her talents and experiences.

Sarah places a strong emphasis on family and cherishes moments spent around the dinner table, on a porch, or gathered around a bonfire. She also values family trips that create lifetime memories and photos that capture magical moments. Home is a central theme in her life and work, symbolized by the sugar maple, the state tree of Wisconsin, where she grew up.