My Life Cookbook

This is Denise's blog, where she combines her love for food, family, and a healthy lifestyle. After years of dieting, Denise has embraced the desire for a satisfying and sustainable way of eating. Her recipes primarily focus on quick and easy low-carb dishes, as she has discovered that a low-carb or keto lifestyle works best for her. Additionally, she shares Paleo recipes and cherished family favorites that evoke fond memories.

Family plays a central role in Denise's life. Growing up in a large and loving family, she cherishes her relationships with her siblings, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, grandchildren, and in-laws. Her husband Rick, son Max, and entertaining father-in-law are the ones she cooks for regularly, and they hold a special place in her heart. Denise feels blessed to have such a supportive and beloved circle.

Denise has a knack for finding ways to simplify everyday tasks and make life more manageable. Originally, she had planned to cover various topics like family, health, books, essential oils, and travel, sharing her tips and insights. However, her passion for cooking low-carb recipes took precedence, and she has thoroughly enjoyed sharing her knowledge in that area. Denise hopes that her recipes not only make your life a little easier but also bring you great satisfaction.