Veggie Inspired is a delightful food blog dedicated to sharing simple and flavorful plant-based recipes that cater to the entire family. Within these virtual pages, you will discover the ease and satisfaction of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your daily routine in the most delectable way possible.

Jenn, the visionary behind Veggie Inspired, resides in the vibrant Chicagoland alongside her husband and three children—a son and twin daughters. Balancing the roles of a working mother, devoted sports mom, and the wife of a dedicated football coach, Jenn's passion for life shines through her culinary creations.

From immersing herself in a good book to relishing a steaming cup of coffee, from singing along to her favorite tunes during car rides to indulging in a guilty pleasure of chocolate once the little ones are asleep, Jenn cherishes these simple joys. Above all, her love for cooking knows no bounds; she finds solace in the pages of cookbooks and thrives on transforming beloved American classics into healthier renditions.

The genesis of this blog traces back to Jenn's desire to document her daily food choices during a 30-day whole foods plant-based challenge. By showcasing the ease and satisfaction of embracing a plant-based diet, she aimed to inspire others to embark on this flavorful journey. As her readership began to experiment with her recipes, Jenn realized that her words and culinary creations resonated with many. Thus, she decided to continue sharing her insights.

Jenn firmly believes that a well-rounded, whole foods plant-based diet is the epitome of optimal health. She seeks to dispel the misconception that healthy eating equates to tasteless meals by crafting dishes that are both nutritious and tantalizing to the taste buds. While she predominantly focuses on whole foods and minimizes refined sugar in her home cooking, she also acknowledges the occasional indulgence.

She humbly acknowledges that perfection is not her goal, but rather a commitment to making the healthiest choices possible in every circumstance. This philosophy was at the core of her blog's original name, Veggie Inspired Journey. Recognizing that health is an ongoing pursuit, she subsequently shortened the name to provide a more concise reflection of her mission.