Veggiekins Blog

Remy is a recipe developer, food photographer/blogger, health and wellness writer, and lover of cats and kombucha. As the head home chef and photographer at Veggiekins Blog, Remy creates vegan and gluten-free recipes that focus on whole food plant-based ingredients and the healing power of plants. Additionally, the majority of her recipes are refined sugar-free and made without added oils.

Outside of the kitchen, Remy is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, and holistic nutritionist. She enjoys visiting farmer's markets, watching sunrises, and traveling. In college, Remy discovered the vegan lifestyle which helped allow her to feel a new, strong connection to food.

Remy's purpose is to empower individuals to be well and kind to their mind, body, and soul with the healing power of plants. Through her delicious and nourishing vegan recipes, health tips, and positivity, Remy spreads love and light. Her commitment to living the most compassionate lifestyle possible with regard to herself, the animals, and the environment, encourages others to live in alignment with their lifestyle choices.