From My Bowl

Caitlin, the creator of From My Bowl, is a photographer, videographer, and recipe developer. Her passion lies in crafting vegan recipes that are both wholesome and budget-friendly. She focuses on creating recipes that are free from gluten, oil, and refined sugar. Caitlin's journey towards a plant-based lifestyle began in 2015 when she adopted a fully vegan diet. Growing up as a vegetarian, she found that the vegan options provided by her college cafeteria were insufficient. This led her to move off-campus and start cooking her own meals.

Caitlin's love for cooking and eating is what drove her to explore the world of vegan cuisine. Despite her limited culinary skills, she was confident that she could create delicious vegan food. She turned to the internet to learn and experiment with new recipes. Caitlin believes that a plant-based diet helps her to feel her best and radiate positivity. She also feels strongly about the ethical implications of consuming animal products and believes that nutritious and flavorful food can be enjoyed without harming animals.

Caitlin's mission is not only to share her delicious recipes but also to raise awareness about the environmental impact of our food choices. She believes that one vegan meal can make a significant difference in terms of water conservation, grain consumption, and animal welfare.