Our Plant-Based World

This is a site for captivating fusion of culinary delights and globetrotting adventures. Here, Gus and Joaco embark on an exhilarating quest, exploring an array of flavors, techniques, and destinations from diverse cultures. Their shared vision is to craft mouthwatering plant-based recipes while offering invaluable travel tips, inspiring and empowering readers to embrace a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Gus, a masterful recipe developer, possesses a wealth of experience in the culinary arts. Having honed his skills at prestigious institutes in Mexico and Argentina, he is driven by an unwavering passion to infuse his creations with the distinctive flavors, techniques, and ingredients of various cultures. Furthermore, Gus's background in User Experience enables him to curate engaging and accessible content for our cherished audience. He takes charge of the blog's technical aspects, ensuring seamless usability, and lends his creative touch to the art of food styling, showcasing our culinary marvels in the most tantalizing manner.

Joaco, a seasoned photographer and content creator, wields his exceptional talent to immortalize the splendor of our culinary creations, products, and travel experiences. With an impeccable eye for detail, he captures the vibrant colors and textures of our plant-based dishes through breathtaking visuals. Drawing from his previous role as a Creative Director at a Digital Marketing boutique agency, Joaco brings his expertise in design and visual storytelling to elevate our blog's aesthetic appeal and branding.

Together, Gus and Joaco collaborate on Our Plant-Based World, a remarkable food and travel blog that celebrates nutritious recipes, travel wisdom, and vegan-friendly venues. While Gus spearheads recipe development, contributes to written content, and imparts invaluable knowledge on plant-based nutrition, Joaco lends his expertise to visual aspects, photography, and branding, infusing our platform with a captivating allure.

Their shared mission is to transform Our Plant-Based World into an inspiring and educational haven, where individuals can immerse themselves in the wonders of plant-based cuisine, embrace the principles of healthy living, and embark on environmentally conscious travel escapades.