Mums do travel

Gretta is an accomplished blogger, freelance journalist, and social media manager. Her areas of focus include family travels with teenagers, 50+ travel, and trips for parents traveling without their kids. Additionally, Gretta writes about topics such as vegetarian travel, adoption, SEN, education, parenting teenagers, ADHD, and anxiety. She resides in rural South-East England with her Italian Londoner husband, children, and whippet. Although her eldest is currently studying at University, she writes blog posts for Gretta's site during her travels.

Having lived and worked in Italy and Spain as an English teacher, Gretta has been a vegetarian for approximately thirty years and has a particular fondness for chocolate. She loves exploring new places and learning about the people, culture, and history of each destination she visits.

Gretta's blog and articles on other websites and publications showcase her passion for finding high-quality places to stay where both parents and kids can enjoy interesting experiences and relax. As a parent of teenagers, she writes with their perspective in mind while also keeping an eye out for what's on offer for younger children. Gretta and her family travel during UK school holidays and occasionally on weekends, and she also writes about her solo travels when possible. Additionally, she offers social media management services to those in need.