Resurrect Ministry

These writings are a personal reflection on her relationship with Jesus Christ. They are based on passages from the Bible and sermons that have had a profound impact on my understanding of life. Any quotes or ideas taken directly from these sources will be clearly attributed. The purpose of these writings is to educate and inspire readers to explore how the Bible relates to their own lives and to encourage them to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is important to note that these reflections are not intended to be original scholarship, but rather a layperson's commentary on their personal journey with Christ. She encourages a reader to explore the sermons and Bible passages referenced in these writings to gain a deeper understanding of Christ and the Scripture.

This author, a devout Muslim for over 20 years, recounts their journey to accepting Jesus Christ as their savior. Despite practicing their faith rigorously and dedicating their career to fighting Islamic terrorism, they never felt their sins were forgiven or that they would go to heaven. But after a series of personal events and watching a Christian pastor on YouTube, they had a personal encounter with Jesus and heard him calling their name. Since accepting Christ, they have felt an overwhelming peace, joy, and satisfaction that they never experienced before. They believe that everyone can have this experience of redemption and salvation through Christ and have created a website to share their story and help others have a similar encounter.