Jenny is a new vlogger, and her channel is focused on her experiences in parenting, photography, food styling, home decor, DIY, and more. Along with her vlogs, Jenny is also an author, having written her first novel six years ago, which is available on Amazon. Writing novels has always been her passion, and she started blogging to share her family's experiences with her loved ones back home. She has a deep love for food and home interiors, and when she's not traveling with her family, she enjoys baking and redecorating her home.

Jenny writes a lifestyle and parenting blog where she shares all aspects of her family's adventures, milestones, experiences, and passions. Her content includes food styling and photography, which she is always trying to improve upon. She loves to travel with her kids and show them different cultures and countries, and she feels grateful that she can do so. When she's at home, she can always be found redecorating or revamping something because she loves changing her living space.

Jenny's blog is not limited to any one topic, as she shares everything about her life that she wants to with her audience. She hopes that everyone enjoys her content and experiences the joy that she feels in sharing it with others. With her vlogs and her blog, Jenny offers a glimpse into her life as a parent, writer, and traveler, providing insight into her experiences and passions, which are always evolving.