The Champa Tree

Vaishali is a professional blogger, communication consultant, and avid reader who enjoys cooking healthy meals in her free time. She is a mother and on-the-job learner and loves sharing her life experiences with others.

This site was created in May 2014 and focuses on motherhood, parenting, baby, and child care. Readers can enjoy parenting humor or read moving pieces that most can relate to. Above all else, this blog is a safe place where parents can find answers to questions, they may be too embarrassed to ask out loud. If they can't find the answer to a specific question, they can reach out to TCT, as there are no "right" or "wrong" questions.

Although some may believe The Champa Tree is all about peace, serenity, and the joy of parenting, it offers super interesting activities to keep children occupied and parents sane when their little angel becomes a handful, perhaps out of sheer boredom.